"I cannot remember the name of the organization, but it was in greek circle and I can point it out if need. However during the summer of 2019 a group of 3 black guys (one freshman guy) and I (a freshman black female) entered a party because they advertised it all over campus. They had a live band and a lot of people drinking and dancing. However, we knew we stood out because as soon as we walked in, we had all eyes on us. We kept walking in and just stood there nodding to the music, one guy introduced us to the vast amount of drinks, but then 2 white guys came up tp us and asked us to leave? We had just gotten there and we were confused, their excuse was “sorry guys you have to leave” we asked why, and the other guy said “who invited you guys?” And “we didn't expect this to be a big thing, and we don’t have enough drinks for you guys”. I was confused because we did not have to drink and no one else who joined had to leave. Plus it was advertised for people to come? So when we were asked to leave it did not make sense. Before I could say anything more my friends said lets leave before anything else could happen. But as I looked around another freshman (who was white) was there and they mentioned some people are rushing, so that made me think? How would they know if my guy friend was rushing? They didn't, they just asked us to leave, and once again all eyes were on us."