"In August of 2019, I was a bright eyed freshman starting here at uga and one of the things I always hear about is the college frat parties. My friends told me about a party at the beta theta pi frat house that was dropped in every group chat known to uga, so of course I was excited because it was my first frat party. When we got there I saw so many new faces and I was open to getting to know new people. As soon as we walked in we got looks from about 60% of the frat boys because the other 40% were already too drunk to realize we walked in. Within 5 minutes of being there, I see some of the frat boys starting to talk amongst themselves and posting at my friends and I with disgust. After about a minute, one of them walk up to my friends and I and say “If you weren’t invited you have to leave now”. And at that moment I was absolutely shocked, and I knew it was because my friends and I are Black. I immediately asked him “So for everybody else here you either know them or they have an invitation???” And all he could say was “If you weren’t invited you have to leave” as he shrugged his shoulders. We weren’t even there for a full 10 minutes without being kicked out. His friends went around and did the same to every other black people at that party. When I walked outside I saw at least 30 other black people frustrated for being kicked out as more black people walked out behind us. Some walked up to us and said she was so sorry because she realized what they were doing and decided to leave if they were kicking out all of the black people and earlier that night they kicked out all that Asians . As soon as we all left, and I cannot make this up, they started blasting trap music and it was on that night that I made up my mind to never be humiliated like that again by going to one of beta theta pi’s party ever again."