"I was a white student in a Panhellenic sorority, and I think that Panhellenic sororities and IFC fraternities should be abolished. I will first share an observation that deeply disappointed and ultimately disillusioned me. Last fall, the IFC and Panhellenic exec boards participated in a Greek Unity Day with UGA’s multicultural sororities and fraternities that took place in Greek plaza. At this point, multiple members of both Panhellenic and IFC executive boards sat on tables and on the stage behind a group of members of multicultural fraternity and sorority members performing step. Despite the fact that this group of performers was large and exceptionally organized, almost all of the white exec members behind them sat laughing, filming, and whispering to each other. From this point of view, an audience member would see the choreography of the performers and a small number of white executive board members publicly and shamelessly disrespecting the performers. This is the extent to which I saw Panhellenic and IFC engage w the multicultural Greek scene at UGA in FOUR YEARS."