"Just finished my freshmen year at UGA! I’m POC sorority woman at the University of Georgia and overall my experience at UGA has been amazing. I was nervous to join Greek Life because it was predominately white. Personally I’ve have never faced racism in a frat or sorority house. However, at the beginning semester I witnessed something I could not believe at a frat party. It was supposed to be an open party. Sometime in the night, a group of African American students came to the party and no one was bothered by them. Everyone was having a good time. Suddenly the group of African American students began to leave all at once. Later in the night someone texted in a large UGA student ran GroupMe chat and said that the frat had asked all the “black people” to leave. The word “Asked” maybe generous because they were basically told to leave. It angers me that they were told to leave solely based on their skin color."