"In fall of 2018, I was a sophomore helping with rush for the first time in ZTA at UGA. I don’t know how much of this is public knowledge, but we have girls come in and we asked them questions and have to rate them and then report that rating to a group leader so that people can make decisions later. I was rushing this very sweet Indian girl during the early days of rush. She was kind, so intelligent (graduated in the top of her class), involved in sports and her community, and seemed like a very outgoing girl. These are all things that ZTA claims to value and look for in members. I rated the girl very highly and then presented it to my group leader. She looked at my rating and said “look at that girl, does she look like a ZTA to you? Do you think she’d fit in here? Do you think she’d be able to find a friend group in here. Be honest.” And then she changed my rating I gave her to a lower rating. I did not see the girl make it back to the next round of rush."