"I never took a bid from a sorority but here is my experience. I always got dphie, alpha phi or DG each year I rushed because I always ended up dropping. Not saying I dont like those sororities, I just knew what the girls were doing from rumors and what people told me. They thought it was discreet but its really it very obvious. I went through recruitment for 2 years and I got left the same houses for pref. Meaning none of the other houses had no intent in getting a girl that’s a poc. I was always left with “the sororities with the most poc”. The girls around me would get invited to houses I wanted when they would talk about it during breaks. I would not understand why I wouldn’t get called back. A sorority girl claimed on Greek rank that “white people who don’t fit the look. And don’t look up to par” also don’t get in a sorority. They may not get in a top house but they matter somewhere in another house. It’s what they want to believe to make themselves feel that they aren’t biased. Some girls “who don’t look up to par” get picked with no problem and aren’t pushed to one sorority for someone else to deal with and are treated equally. Also, pushing a certain group of people in a couple sororities is really unsettling to me. It’s basically saying “we don’t want you here but they do”. I don’t want to be apart of a Greek community that pushes poc in one spot. Also, I have a lot of friends in sororities who say that I can be in their sorority and I would fit in but there is no proof during the recruitment process that I would’ve fit in because I felt so unwelcomed and I feel that they made sure of that."