"In 2012, I was a junior in college and on the executive board of a UGA sorority. During our recruitment season in August, several Black women were moving through the process at my sorority. For those who may not know, part of the process of preparing for sorority recruitment as a freshman is gathering positive recommendations (rec letters) for each sorority that are placed in your file, along with resumes that help sororities get a better sense of a person. Current sisters and alumni may also place negative rec letters in the file, to bring to light any troubling information that should be considered and potentially "weed out" potential new members (PNMs) with bad character (e.g. bullies). I remember at least one of the Black women who we considered mysteriously receiving negative recs for her file, with no specific facts included. These were clearly an attempt to remove her from consideration for membership. Instead of discussing it for what it was, racism, our advisor at the time kept it quiet and just threw away the invalid negative recs. That fall, a Black woman was part of the pledge class. Our executive board heard of specific instances where this woman was targeted at socials by members of her own pledge class, who attempted to force her to drink alcohol and make her feel uncomfortable so she would drop out of the sorority. Again, instead of addressing the sorority as a whole and eradicating this racism, we became complicit in its existence by merely trying to prevent these specific instances from happening. That entire fall, members of our board would "guard" the woman at socials and make sure she was not targeted. What we should have done was expel the offending sisters from our membership, spoken up against the racism, and made our stance clear that this behavior would not be tolerated. I can't imagine what other micro- and macro- aggressions this Black woman faced during her time in the sorority, and I regret being complicit."