"I was in an old row sorority all 4 years of college and sadly there was only 1 person of color in my sorority the entire 4 years and she was a transfer student. I am so glad that I also worked at a local restaurant during college as it gave me much needed access to “normal” people, as I was NOT used to the wealth, clothing, constant socializing and drinking, and lack of diversity. I never experienced anything within my sorority (even during rush!) or another that was racist. I did, however, countless times, come into contact with fraternity boys who outwardly expressed racism. I want black and brown young women to feel comfortable enough to participate in Panhellenic rush should they want to. However, I don’t know why they would seeing as how it all seems to be the least inclusive experience in the world. I want to see rush advertised as an inclusive experience but unfortunately putting a Black girl on the poster of rush would be misleading and highly inaccurate of POC’s actual representation within the Panhellenic community. I appreciate you doing this. I only liked being in a sorority about 40% of the time but the girls who seemed to enjoy it 100% of the time were certainly in a white bubble that they couldn’t feel safer in and that’s the greater issue here. A lot of these girls went to private schools and expensive summer camps and were only around white people, their parents only knew white people, etc. so this lack of diversity was nothing new or wrong to them."