"About 5 years ago I visited the Alpha Gamma Delta house with one of the exec members that I had known since high school (treasurer maybe I can’t remember). We stopped in to use the printer and she showed us around. I am white and she is white. We walked past the composites (I think that’s what they’re called?) and I pointed out that there was only one member of color out of maybe 200 members. I asked her why (I have always been very vocally anti UGA Greek and I think she felt attacked). She defended her group by saying they weren’t racist because they had a black member. When I asked why only one out of so many, she said, “They don’t rush so of course they don’t get in.” When I asked why they didn’t rush she said because they don’t fit in and it’s not AGD’s problem if they don’t want to join and that it didn’t matter anyway because there are black sororities they could join. This has always stuck with me and I think this is truly the way many approach the issue."