"I was at Whiskey on Clayton with two friends when all of the sudden this frat boy ran up to one of them and shouted “fuck n*****s” in his face. I should mention my two friends were both white. Myself being of a fair complexion I imagine the young Chad felt he was safe to express his bullshit. Since all three of us went to the same high school in Dekalb County (high black student body) my friends were not with his f***ery. He began repeating it to my friend looking for affirmation in his views asking my friend to say it. Realizing that Chad was not going to go away, I passionately informed him that I was black and for him to f*** off. His follow up of “but you’re white” set what most black people have to repress while at UGA. Luckily, my friends knowing me, I was quickly restrained by one whilst the other shoved the dude far away from us. The part of me that regrets not dragging that dude down those bar tar steps is quickly squashed by the reality that if I had, it would have f***ed my future. I take comfort knowing the truth that they won’t bring that f*** shit down to East Atlanta."