"I am in a sorority at UGA and this specific instance really sticks out to me. During my first work week as a sister, we went to alpha gam’s house to mock recruit. During this time period, the president of our organization was a woman of color. It is usually pretty typical when you’re mock-recruiting philanthropy round to show a random video because your sorority’s actual video for recruitment is supposed to be a secret. So, instead of showing their recruitment video or a past recruitment video, Alpha gam then proceeded to show a racist vine compilation with several different instances of the n word being used. Alpha gam is majority white and the girls then decided to quote the vine while it was playing making sure to emphasize the n word for all of my sisters and I to hear. They were also laughing as they did like it was some kind of joke to throw that word around. Our president wouldn’t even talk about what had just happened when we got back to our house. I don’t think I can ever look at their sorority again without considering them to be racist."