" I think race within UGA Greek system is a huge issue and happy that someone is willing to step up and help address it. 


I was in a sorority all 4 years and while I enjoyed the experience overall and met some of my best friends through that experience, I always felt very not okay about the lack of diversity within the Greek system. I went to a very diverse high school and many of my best friends were POC. After joining a sorority, many relationships I had with high school friends became strained - mostly because of the whiteness of my new friends. And how not inclusive they were. Something I didn’t see at the time and that I deeply regret now. 


At first, I didn’t understand why some of my high school friends chose not to rush. But looking back I can see where Greek life is not a comfortable space for POC. I asked a friend once why she didn’t rush... and she said she didn’t want to go through the process of getting rejected from houses because of the color of her skin - something that as a white person I NEVER had to think about. Not ONE of my non-white friends rushed. Not one. And this was the main reason. 


I’ve seen in recent years more POC in sororities, but Panhellenic and every single sorority needs to do better and actively recruit people from all races if they want to ACTUALLY support the BLM movement - not just say they do. I had a friend recently not apply for a job she was over qualified for because there was only one black person in the entire company.... she didn’t think she had a fair shot. My friends from high school didn’t rush... because they knew they didn’t have a fair shot. How are POC supposed to think that they’re welcome, when they aren’t represented?  


Entering collage, I had a very diverse friend group. Leaving UGA, I left with majority white friends. Not to say this isn’t my own fault - because I am responsible for my own actions. But sorority life encouraged this separation and it breaks my heart to think that hundreds of girls each year become part of the problem without even realizing it. While I love my friends and don’t regret the memories I made while being a part of Greek life, I do regret not acknowledging this issue sooner and letting the whiteness of Greek life affect my other relationships in a negative way. I regret that while I felt uncomfortable about the lack of diversity throughout my years in college, leaned into it anyways and did nothing. 


Panhellenic and greek life as a whole MUST do better. We must demand they do better."