"I graduated UGA in 2015, but dropped my active fraternity status in 2013 after we had a chapter-wide meeting to vote if we should allow a Hispanic student in, which would make him the first minority member in our chapter’s history. It was disgusting the remarks that were made. Some said we should only allow him in if he wore a straw hat out front and watered our plants and landscaped during pledgeship. I’m a young white man of privilege and I’m ashamed of not speaking out enough during my tenure in my fraternity. There were regular group chants using vulgar racial slurs. I didn’t participate and I was scolded for it, labeled as a ‘snowflake progressive.’ The name stuck and I lived with it. I learned to like it. As we were in a chapter meeting preparing an annual game day where our families come to visit, an alumnus mentioned we should all bring a date. He said make sure they’re sexy women. I wanted to provoke him honestly, the guy was a bigot, so I asked if he would feel comfortable if we could bring a man as a date (there were closeted gay men in our fraternity). He said he didn’t tolerate any of that gay shit, and the entire chapter laughed along with him."