"It was at TEP during a spring party. There was a black police officer at the door guarding it. I knew a couple brothers so I wanted to come in. They said they had snacks and beer etc in the house and there were not any seats outside so of course I wanted to come in. I walked towards the door and was about to walk in but the officer wouldn’t let me. I was guessing only brothers could be in the house but I kept seeing girls and boys going in and out. So, I tried to go in again and he put his arms out and said I couldn’t go in. I asked him why can’t I go in and he said “only brothers can be let in”. I kept seeing girls going in and out and tried to figure out why I wasn’t being let in. So, I thought he was hiding the real truth on why I wasn’t let through the door. I kept seeing other girls go in and out squeezing past him arm and he wasn’t doing anything about it. I told my non poc friend what I thought was going on and we went to the door and guess who was let in—her—and guess who wasn’t let in—me!!! She came back out and I texted the brother I knew that the officer won’t let me in but he let my friend in. He told me I was able to come in and I told him the officer won’t let me. He then came outside and told the officer to let me in, while all of the other girls kept squeezing past his arm, he still said no. My friend had to tell me to go to the back door while he had to go back inside to unlock the door from the inside so I can even go in the house. What was baffling to me was that a black police officer actually was doing all of the wrongdoing. Maybe the officer was told that only sorority girls can come in or was told by the brothers that black people can’t come in. My friend wasn’t in a sorority and she was let in (but she was a non poc). I don’t know what the deal was that night but I was throughly disappointed. I did not know the actions behind the officer. Maybe he himself was generalizing that I wouldn’t be in a sorority bc I was a POC and didn’t let me in because I didn’t look like everyone else. It just looked very bad on his part because he was a POC also which made me believe that he had to be told not to let a certain group of people into the house."