"That picture of the sorority girls celebrating graduation next to protesters hit me so hard. I was that girl not too long ago. I was a member of Sigma Kappa all 4 years, and graduated in 2016. I can remember exactly ONE black person becoming a member of the sorority. She maybe stayed a member for a year? If that. Can’t imagine what it must have been like for her to join a sorority. I do remember feeling proud that she joined, thinking “wow look at us!” So progressive. HA what a joke. We did have some people of color in the sorority, (Hispanic, middle eastern, East Asian), but the diversity ended there. 

 This is obvious for many, but there was very little socioeconomic diversity in my sorority— most girls were upper-middle class and from Atlanta. dues were about ($600) a semester, if I remember correctly. Being in a sorority is very expensive. 

I realize that UGA sororities are making statements showing solidarity with the BLM movement mostly out of the pressure that everyone is doing it, but I was still floored when my sorority made a statement like that. Will be very interested to see how Panhellenic and specific sororities follow through, if at all. Reconsidering the events they hold, the charities they support could be a start. There is serious $$$ in these organizations."