"While I was never directly a member associated with a fraternity, many of my best friends were in leadership across several sororities. And while I never witnessed the inner workings of their organization, I saw first hand the discrimination based on race and sexual orientation at social events. I was regularly told that because I was gay, the only reason I was allowed at large spring parties was so I could bring girls. I also witnessed several discriminatory text messages and practices by fraternities during spring party season. What should be huge social events to unite the student body and listen to music regularly became an elite club. Black students, particularly male, were often omitted from receiving wrist bands and brothers often told the girls they were not allowed to give black students extra wristbands because they were “concerned about violence and theft.” In regards to black women, there was a rampant sexualization of these students and they were given wristband to be seen as ticking a box and keeping it “diverse.” By no means were these anything more than learned behaviors passed down by decades of harassment by the old row and new row fraternities."