"Members and Exec boards need a way to keep house moms, advisors, and national boards accountable. In my experience, the chapter was limited in actions that they wished to pursue due to “national processes” and “paperwork”. For example, it took 2 years (at least) and active efforts of 3 presidents to fire a blatantly racist house mom. There were numerous testimonies from members, visitors, and kitchen staff about her unacceptable behavior. This was addressed several times to the chapter, but actions speak louder than words. It was disappointing to not be able to see this happen in my term. Yet, this had to be documented for an entire year to “prove” her behavior that was hurting members. That process should had been expedited and reflected a lack of diversity on the advisory board. It was very frustrating and I can’t even imagine how BIPOC in the sorority felt. Disclaimer*- There is so much room for change at the level of exec and members, but this is just one testimony/example. "