"I graduated from UGA in December 2015 (should have been May 2016) and was in Alpha Chi Omega all 3.5 years. In my time at UGA, I allowed myself to let microaggressions and subtle racism pass me by. While I witnessed these in greek life altogether, I can also say that among the sororities on campus, AXO was more progressive than most - though that isn't saying much. One of our members contributed to this story  in 2013, which even 7 years later seems so incredibly archaic. When this article came out, I actually had members of the Alpha Chi organization at the University of Alabama calling me and legitimately asking: "you guys actually have a black girl?". Alabama is an entirely new realm to be discovered and broken down, but I was horrified. While I only attended one recruitment year and ultimately went down to special status my final year (only attending half of the events), I can honestly tell you I did not personally witness racism directly within that particular organization, although I am sure it was there."