"I was told that certain fraternities wouldn’t do socials with my chapter because we were too “ghetto” bc we had members of color. i saw other members of greek life absolutely freak out when a fraternity’s nationals said men couldn’t wear old confederate uniforms for a date night

-  girls asked on this date night were also upset, bc they were told they could not wear the antebellum style hoop skirts/dresses either. “old row” vs. “new row” was seen as a social status and “old row” fraternities rarely allowed themselves to socialize with “new row” sororities

-  i could go on, and on, and on, and on about the pervasiveness of racism in not *just* greek life, but all student life. athens bars had (and still do) have “dress codes” targeted mainly at POC and if one is caught breaking it, they risk being thrown out of or not allowed in

-  but i digress. baldwin hall, the building in which most classes for the political science program are held, recently realized that it was built upon the remains of former slaves in 2015. in 2018, the president of uga vetoed a student proposal to place a memorial of those slaves."