"I was in a sorority at UGA, and I witnessed countless racist and/or problematic incidents which, at the time, I regrettably didn’t have the education to confront at the time. As a white woman joining a sorority from out of state, I was blind to the microaggressions and overt white privilege that I was benefiting from. My sorority hosted and attended many socials that were either based on cultural appropriation and/or other flavors of discrimination. Sec’s and Exects (secretaries and executives- insinuating that the women would dress as sexy secretaries and the men would dress as executives), BET vs. CMT (I don’t need to explain what’s problematic about this one - y’all figure it out), and many, MANY more.

There’s also the language used during “recruitment”— the irony of singing a Ray Charles song to a bunch of potential ~sisters~, changing the lyrics to a Nicki Minaj song to fit our sorority’s image... my sorority took these songs by black artists to sing at white girls.

And then, after speaking to potential members, I always heard “she won’t be a good fit.” or “she would be better for x sorority.” way more frequently for people of color than I would for white women.

How can AOII use songs by black artists to promote their brand, and then IMMEDIATELY turn around and say that people of color don’t belong here?

Panhellenic was built on being problematic. That’s not news. It is your responsibility to change the way that your members relate to race relations. “Sisterhood” will be helpful when our black, brown, LGBTQ+ sisters will feel safe enough to feel like they can be included."