"I take huge issue with the ridiculous displays of wealth on Milledge Avenue in contrast with parkview and rock springs on either side. The year i lived in my sorority house i remember someone put in the group me that “two sketchy black dudes” were near our parking lot. I remember thinking to myself, they are probably just walking home. Since then I can’t stop thinking about how disgusting the privilege and wealth seen on Milledge is. So many of my sorority sisters were completely oblivious anything that happened in this city, even though we had several girls who were from Athens in the chapter. Now that this place is my home, it just grinds my gears to see how the university continues to put on the white savior complex. Sorority members are required to do service hours and that i think is a good thing but I think that chapters need to do better about training their members how to not do more damage than good when sending a bunch of almost exclusively white women out in our community who have no real understanding of poverty, racism, privilege. I think my issues are more with the university really, but Milledge ave just uniquely demonstrates so clearly the disconnect between the university and Athens. That picture that’s been circulating of those sorority girls who were taking graduation pictures in front of the protests, i genuinely think they didn’t know that protests were happening, because sorority members, college students in general, do not care about this city. It is a pit stop for them in their life and they could care less about the families and people here. They use Athens’ black children as projects to get service hours or complete student teaching and then leave without a second thought. Athens will never be a home they want to care about and protect and be invested in, it will always be a collection of bars and crazy fun memories that was a small chapter in the book about their life. We are minor characters to them. We are unnamed characters to them. "